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Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Blog

So I've done the whole online diary thing before, worked it basically as a blog. But then people that I knew didn't know about it, it was only the online community at large, I was anonymous and felt free to write as I chose. Don't know what it is about this, maybe it's because people I know read this one this time around, but I feel a bit self concious when I attempt to start new blogs, always over thinking what to put down.

So I've decided this blog will be an insight into another side of me that I have troubles exspressing most of the time, it will not be some grand revelation and nor will each blog be a story with a clear cut beginning middle and end. I will ramble, I will stumble along it will be a look at my thought process, steam of conciousness if you will. So feel free to delve into my thoughts into my mind. Hopefully people will at least gain something from having read it, whatever that may be.


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