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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I thoroughly enjoy darkness and the night.

I love it when I can let the darkness wash over me and envelop me as if I'm walking into a sauna, barely able to breathe yet comforted by the warmth. It is simple in it's intricicies, specifically vague and I enjoy that. All you know in darkness is what you can feel. Peope are often afraid of the darkness, but not for the darkness itself, but rather of what it brngs, the even more terrifying fear of the unknown. In darkness all you know is what you can feel and all you can feel is what is directly in front of you. When moving about in darkness you can't be concerned with what is behind you or what is 50 feet ahead, but only with the task at hand. A darkened room can be filled with a thousand statues or just one you don't know for sure until you explore it.

Some people think of darkness as evil, I disagree. God created the night, created darkness and I enjoy embracing it. Just because there is the abcense of light, does not mean there is the presence of evil. I believe the devil has no need for the unknown and that is what you get with darkness. Rather, I believe the devil thrives in the certanties of life. The times when everyone says now that wasn't the devil or that no one even thinks to blame an occurance on something supernaturally sinister, those are the times the devil is there. The devil delights in making us believe he is not present for then we do not fear him, we do not run if we believe he is not there.

Then there is the other extreme, the other certaintity, the atrocities that occur that everyone has no doubt that the devil had a role in; the devil is there too. When you're certain he's not and when you're certain that he is, he is there. The devil has no time for vague indiscrestions, for uncertainties, it is of no use to him for peopel to wonder, "well was the devil here or wasn't he?". That's merely human. Human thought, human emotion, humans being.