Through the looking glass....

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Been a long time since I've blogged, but feel like writing, feel like typing now, so here it is. Almost two years since I've last posted to here.

God knows I feel unworthy sometimes, unworthy of my own life even...

Have a little faith in echo that cries out with almost everything I do, it cries out to my friends, my family, to all those around me.

Lift me up, please! And yet I must in turn lift myself.

I have the touch and yet I have nothing.

We have it all, we have what it takes. I have what it takes and yet I stand in my own way. Don't we all?

I mean that's reality right? Sure life has its struggles, its hardships that at times seem unbearable, but at the heart of it, are we not our own obstacles? We are certainly our worst obstacles.

Two sides....I have faith I can overcome myself and yet...I have come to terms that I am who I am and that inevitability that things will never change.

Tension without ease...I need contact, but yet it is in solitude that we find greatness, that we find ourselves... isn't that what Rilke says? I agree.

Love, Marriage, love is difficult if you choose for it to be and in that is the only way for your love to truly be grand, if you choose the difficult route, who wants fluff?

Do you ever miss the feeling of feeling lonely?